Featured Programme - Certificate of Foundation in Organisational Leadership

The pandemic had no power in stopping or slowing down the culture changing work that we are doing. This 6-week certification aims to develop people into culture architects who can intentionally design and create intangible environments that are conducive for growth and leadership.

Apart from sharpening their intellectual rigor when it comes to leadership, this accelerated course challenges participants to take risk in overturning real-world toxic conversations and cultures.

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Previous trainings

Every project and training that we ran, every participant that we have facilitated has been an immense privilege for us to be a part of. As we look forward to more future partnerships, here's a quick look at some of our collaborations we have had.

SIM Leadership Retreat

The short period of time we had with the student leaders from SIM didn’t stop them and the facilitators from taking learning to a deeper, meaningful and purposeful level.

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Yale-NUS Level Up Programme (LUP2)

These beautiful faces mark the end of the 2nd run of our 2-month Level Up Programme at Yale-NUS College! These individuals came together as a team, rose up away from their fears, and tapped into their own gifts to lead their families, friends and community into a larger playing field of possibilities and love.

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CAPT Master's Tea

"How can I have deeper conversations with those around me? How can I better support my friends in need?" Among many others, these were some of the questions that this group of students wanted to venture into, to discover how to serve others better, and to uncover their own personal role in it.

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