Owning your own business

This is my workdesk today. No purposely placed items anywhere. It is just the way it is. I took this picture because it captured the three things I have embarked on simultaneously in my life.

1. Young Living business
2. The Inside Space training business
3. Masters Degree in Leadership

Yup. I own 2 successful businesses and am studying not because I have to, but because I am deeply passionate for it. I love my work, it gives me time to be with my family, visit ah ma, play with my cats, be with friends, have good thoughtful time with God. I am in one way or another, a freelancer.

Do not be mistaken. Do not think that by running my own business or being a freelancer means I work less hard, put in less time with work (that’s where all the time comes from for me to play with my LEGO sets) as compared to the regular 9-5 jobs. It is very much the contrary of that. I work more hours than I ever did before. I put in so much thought about my work in my waking hours more than ever.

Being able to run your own business gives you the absolute freedom to run it anyway you want it, but in order for that freedom to happen, it ironically requires strict discipline and perseverance to ensure things work.

Despite that, I have never, felt more alive. And that’s because I run businesses that make sense to me. Businesses that are meaningful, businesses that I am passionate about, businesses that make a bloody difference to people and the world.

Starting your own business is a huge risk, but a risk that will pay off if you just keep walking in it. You gotta just keep walking in it every day. I wake up every day with gratitude thinking about my people, my team. I spend my time thinking about how life can be different for others if I played with something new in the businesses.

Running your own business is freaking exciting. But that vigor, fulfilment and excitement come together with failures, hardwork and disappointments. But isn’t that what life really is about?

Life isn’t about zero disappointments and mistakes. Life is about encountering those wrongs, rising up against and above them and seeing that you were made to be and do so much more. I urge you to look inside you today and go “If my life was wild and free yet responsible and successful, how would it look like?”

You were made to be different and have been called to affect that difference into the world. Hear your heart and spirit inside you. What does it say?


Sheena (Head of Training and Curriculum Development)

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