Customised Design

From training facilitators in preparation of their leadership camp, or workshops that are centred around meaningful conversations, The Inside Space conduct and design a range of trainings. We have been approached by several organisations to design customised training programmes specific to their needs and participants, and would love to do the same for you. Here's a look at some of the customisation and training designs we offer:

Every programme we design is uniquely different. We pay close attention to the culture and values of the organisations that approach us, as well as the specific intentions and purpose that you have in envisioning a certain training design. And we believe in closely working alongside you in ensuring the designed programme not only satisfies, but enriches your organisation in building up empowering leaders. 

Our Facilitator Training is designed to specifically equip conversation-driven organisations, i.e. Peer Support, Mentoring, Mental Health Support. Together with you, The Inside Space will discuss and assess the current facilitation competencies of your team leading these conversations. We will then proceed to design and flesh out a training that caters to the specific facilitation needs of your team such that they come out of the trainings as not just competent facilitators, but leaders of safe, authentic and empowering conversations.

We have met many organisations who yearn to design and run their own programmes. Yet, the designing of programmes is not sequence of random activities and skillsets plonked into a timeframe. We can be very clear about the kind of skillsets that need to be taught, but the lack of thought behind the human learning experience during the process can lead to a lack of inspiration and empowerment, or even a trainer's worst nightmare - a judgement by participants that it was, "a waste of time". We take the human learning experience into deep consideration during Programme Designing. We offer Programme Design consulting services to support you in ensuring your programmes are curated to pay close attention to how individuals learn and how team dynamics come into play.