Welcome to Underground, the immersive theatre arm of The Inside Space.

Did you know that our minds are constantly creating and perceiving the information we have around us at the same time? We don’t just passively take in information, our minds are constantly constructing the world in front of us.

So at The Inside Space, we said, what if we put this knowledge into how immersive theatre could look like? What if we designed worlds that audience members not just be immersed in, but also end up shaping what those worlds look like?

That’s what we do with Underground. Every immersive theatre production we build are unlike your usual theatre acts. Audience members come in and subconsciously become co-creators of the world they are in. There is no single show that will ever be like the other. So when you come for our productions, leave all your inhibitions at the door.



Set in the 1930s at the height of The Great Depression and Prohibition period, the village of Hurstville remains steadfast whilst detached from the turbulent world around. Hushed whispers abound, yet no one dares to question the status quo for fear of being banished from a haven of safety into an uncertain world.

A four-storey conservation shophouse in Chinatown transformed into the village of Hurstville invites audience members to mingle at its town square, to have some tea and bread at the bakery, to get advice from the village apothecary. With every detail designed to intrigue and bewilder, we rewrite the rules of theatre, and expand the boundaries of your mind.

As featured in The Straits Times: https://www.straitstimes.com/lifestyle/arts/breaking-barriers-in-play

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Run: March and April 2020



Everyone has their sides of their story. Everything seems real. How do we truly know who to trust? When truth reveals itself in front of us, will it still be concealed by our own blindness and disbelief?

A warehouse at Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park has been transformed into the gang headquarter of Black Lotus. You’ve been given the secret task of finding the mole who has infiltrated and murdered one of our own. Pay attention. Keep your eyes and ears peeled, or you may just miss out on what you need.

Run: June 2019