The Team

Sheena Ling

Founder, Head of Training and Curriculum Development

Sheena holds a Master’s Degree in Leadership at Monash University. To her, every individual has been called to serve others uniquely with purpose. When we live authentically, our surroundings can thrive in empathy, love and edification. Sheena hopes that youths in Singapore can hear the calling in their hearts and practise the maturity needed to understand and direct the passionate convictions they have towards the causes they advocate. To nurture future changemakers, Sheena believes we need to focus on raising both leaders and architects of culture.

Nick Yeo

Head of Marketing

Nick is a recent Psychology graduate from NUS. He cares greatly about people and believes that life is full of possibilities and adventure, those which can only be fully lived when they are shared and experienced with the people around us in love and grace. Nick wants youths to break free from labels, expectations, and condemnations, and to live their lives with purpose, freedom and authenticity. Besides his awesome carebear quality, Nick loves music and theatre. Sharing such love when he performs live brings him unparalleled joy.

Joanne Heng

Head of Operations

Joanne is a Year 4 Geography student at NUS. She constantly marvels at the beauty of nature and how different parts intertwine to form larger ecosystems. She believes that each creation has its purpose and place in the larger scheme of things, just as how youths in Singapore play crucial roles as agents who continuously shape what it means to be Singaporean. Joanne thinks she’s quite a slow person in nature (even though we don’t think so) and is proud that she can do two things faster than her friends: running and visiting the toilet!

Sherilyn Tan

Lead Facilitator

Sherilyn is a recent Communications and New Media graduate from NUS. She truly believes in The Inside Space’s work after witnessing the many people whose lives have been transformed by virtue of their newfound clarity of their own identities and purposes in life. She has grown in conviction, courage and possibility from this ‘heart’ work of empowering others, and wants youths to experience freedom, purpose and love in their lives every day. Sherilyn says that 99% of people tell her that she has a ‘resting bitch face’, but only half of them eventually tell her that she is much nicer than she looks. Hmm.

Ei Xue Han

Lead Facilitator

Xuehan is a medical social worker. Her dream is for everyone to realise their gifts as unique persons and to use these gifts to serve those around them. She believes that each of us are created for different purposes, and when we fulfil these purposes, the gifts we bring out to the world will be exactly what the world needs. Xuehan loves the number 13, and takes pride in the fact that it’s a mirror reflection of her surname “EI” (ei).

Chng Yong

Lead Facilitator

Yong studies Civil Engineering at NTU and has just ended his internship at a Japanese construction firm. He deeply believes in love and in the power of authenticity and vulnerability. To him, these traits are extremely powerful, and once embodied by us, would inspire and empower those around us. He feels that everybody has gifts, and although these gifts may look vastly different from each other, such should not deter us from striving to be the best versions of ourselves. Yong used to be a fit basketballer in the national youth team. In case you’re wondering, the key word here is ‘fit’.

Sarah Ong


Sarah is a freelance facilitator and a shooting range officer who is currently waiting to enrol into university. She feels very strongly about how Singaporeans should look beyond the stories they hold onto that are not serving them so that they can see possibilities for themselves. She hopes that youths in Singapore will dare to dream and will not stop believing in their country. In her free time, Sarah enjoys reading up on history and watching documentaries and musical films.

Christopher Toh


Chris studies Sociology at SIM-UB. To him, it is important that people from all backgrounds have the opportunities to live their desired lives, as well as the chances to serve themselves and their loved ones. He strongly believes in supporting the unfortunate in achieving what they truly deserve, and hopes that youths in Singapore can see that they already have so much talent and potential to contribute to society. Once, Chris hid in a toilet on a high speed train in France for 2 hours to avoid the train conductor. Please pay your ticket fare. Do not be like Chris.

Loh Kai Ying


Kai Ying is a recent English Language graduate from NUS. She loves the humanness of people and the stories we have that explain who and why we are. To her, all of us are inherently good and loving. She strongly believes in the power of language and empathy to form meaningful connections that drive us to strive and thrive together, and hopes that youths in Singapore can love themselves for the very people they are, as well as serve themselves others with wisdom and grace. Fun fact: Kai Ying has a slightly crooked pinky on her right hand!

Jessica Sam


Jessica is currently enrolled in a double degree program with a Bachelor of Arts at Yale-NUS College (Liberal Arts) and L.L.B. at NUS Law. She strongly believes that humans are all made for a purpose. Once we discover who we are, summon our courage and take a leap of faith to love and serve those around us, the world will definitely be changed for good. She wants every individual to live authentically, love fearlessly and thrive in their own right. Not many people know this - Jess has an organ missing! Ask her which one!

Wong Zhi Ying


Zhi Ying is an Anthropology major at Yale-NUS College. She believes that all of us live by our stories and is deeply interested in understanding the different narratives people have and what makes them who they are. She dedicates her life to serving, loving and giving to the people around her, and wishes for her friends and youths in Singapore to see their own beauty and gifts, as well as to live bright lives of empowerment and fearlessness. Zhi Ying is an aspiring life coach and can laugh very heartily!

Tan Yan Ru


Yan Ru is currently pursuing a Double Degree in Law and Liberal Arts with a minor in Psychology in Yale-NUS and NUS Law. She truly enjoys watching and making theatre, because she loves a good story. She believes that stories tap into something deeply personal and universal within us, and the best part is, we are the writers of our own stories. In her free time (and even when she should really be doing work), Yan Ru loves watching trashy videos of Youtubers reviewing makeup she will never be able to afford! 



Foo Xiang Kai


Xiang Kai studies English Literature and Chinese Studies at NUS. He believes in love and freedom. Love is extremely powerful because it brings people together in an accepting and safe space. He deeply believes that only when we are free from fears, expectations and other things that hold us back, can we do what we are truly passionate about. Xiang Kai hopes that youths and young adults in Singapore can experience freedom and be free to express themselves and have their voices heard. In his free time, he loves watching Disney and Pixar animated films!

Chelsea Ong


Chelsea is a liberal arts freshman at Yale-NUS College and is, contrary to popular belief, not a ‘Jiak Kan Tang’. She spends most of her free time facilitating and mentoring youths because she deeply believes in the gifts that they possess. She empathises with the feelings of deep loneliness and futility in the their lives today, and dreams of a future where everyone can be boldly authentic. To her, authenticity is the key in bringing clarity and courage to the lives of youths so that they can be fearless in their own pursuits of brilliance. Fun fact: Chelsea has deaf parents and is fluent in sign language!