The Pedagogy


The work at The Inside Space is anchored and built upon research done in areas of Emotional Intelligence, Organisational Development, Neuroscience and Leadership Development. Below are just two examples of pedagogy used. We would not wish for any ounce of boredom upon your life should academic material not appeal to you. For more information however, do feel free to drop us an email anytime.


Complexity Leadership Cycle (CLC)
“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it” – Albert Einstein
The CLC is a leadership model designed by The Inside Space after years of training. Facilitating the 3-levels of learning (single, double and deutero learning) allows individuals to work through issues on both in-depth and lateral levels. Facilitation becomes an intuitive built-in skill that will be inculcated in participants. This in turn supports them to come up with solutions that are accurate and sustainable for change.



Daniel Goleman’s Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) components
Contrary to popular belief, Social Emotional Intelligence (SEI) is not about being aware of what one is feeling and expressing it. SEIĀ is the intricate ability to understand what goes on inside oneself (thoughts, emotions, beliefs, values) and be able to harness that same clarity and authenticity to be of contribution to the community around based on shared values between self and others. It is also through that contribution where the individual develops conviction and clarity over who he/she is in this world.

At The Inside Space, leadership is not the goal. Leadership is used as a process, a means, to get individuals to a place of empowerment and purpose for themselves and others.