Yale-NUS Inside Out Run 3

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” – Oscar Wilde

But what would it take to live? What would it take to live in one’s uniqueness?

It would take courage, for it means to stand out from every other person in the world who is unlike you.

Perhaps it would take humility, to learn and receive from what others can give that you may not have.

Most of all, the greatest requirement is the ability to love, to see that it is in our individuality, our unique gifting that completes the jigsaw puzzle of creating a world that thrives.

That’s what these 27 ¬†individuals have demonstrated over the weekend as The Inside Space conducted our 3rd Inside Our Programme for Yale-NUS College.


We would love to blame the large number of participants for being unable to take a proper picture with everyone in it. But as much as we think a full photo will give a fuller idea about how the training was and who was in it, though the saying goes “A picture paints a thousand words”, the photo you see here will never be able to communicate across the wisdom, love and leadership demonstrated over the weekend.

To the 27 of you, who you are will always be etched in our hearts. Thank you for showing us what leadership is, for trusting us, and most of all, for giving us hope – that everyone is designed to live uniquely, and to live in freedom.


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