Yale-NUS: Level Up Programme Run 2


Relying on someone doesn’t mean that you become a burden to them, but instead, it is a blessing to lean on others. Being willing to lean in on others for support isn’t a burden but a blessing.

As challenging as one’s journey may be, the act of leaning in on your team gives the other party the permission to do so as well. Eventually, this leads to the collective support of a team effectively tackling facing the obstacles together, rather than the individual having to deal with it alone. Just like in the movie Rise of the Guardians where each Guardian, though almost with all their powers removed by the evil, stands up to fight for themselves and the team. The Guardians were not only battling against the evil that was against them, but also covering each other’s blindspots, supporting one another for whatever they could. 

These individuals demonstrated that very example of leadership, trust and support with one another during the last Level Up Programme that we had at Yale-NUS. Thank you all for your trust in us. Our 3 months truly been blessed by you. Continue to stand and fight for what’s important for you, and continue to be blessings to each of your loved ones. 

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